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While Our Town spans the course of many years, from 1899 through 1913, it also collapses its events into the span of one day. It opens with a morning scene and ends with a nighttime scene: Act I begins just before dawn, and Act III ends at 11 . The play also metaphorically spans the course of a human life, tracing the path from birth in Dr. Gibbs’s delivery of twins in the opening scene, to death in Emily’s funeral in the final scene. The span of a life parallels the span of the day: birth is related to dawn, and death is related to night. Wilder’s attention to natural cycles highlights his themes of the transience of life and the power of time. While a single human life comprises only one finite revolution from birth to death, the world continues to spin, mothers continue to give birth, and human beings continue to exist as just one part of the universe.

Milton Sirotta, the nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, was walking with his uncle one day in  1920 when  Kasner wondered out loud what one might call 10 to the 100th power (the number 10 followed by 100 zeroes). A googol, suggested Milton, and the word google ended up as the name for today's famous company.

This song was featured in the 2004 Norwegian film “UNO” directed by Aksel Hennie.
It peaked at 4th place in the Norwegian charts in 2004.

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Ohio wage law does not address the types of deductions which can be taken; however pursuant to the FLSA, deductions for items such as uniforms, shortages, damaged goods, or trade tools cannot reduce the employee’s hourly wage below the minimum rate.

Based in Jefferson, Texas, The Jefferson Jimplecute has been around since the mid-1800s, making it the fifth-oldest paper in the Lone Star State. Theories about the name abound, with the most common one being that it’s an acronym for the paper’s motto: Joining Industry, Manufacturing, Planting, Labor, Energy, Capital (in) Unity Together Everlastingly.

Jeffrey Foucault - Shoot The Moon Right Between The Eyes ()
Megan Mullally & the Supreme Music Program - The Sweetheart Break-in

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Paperboys - One DayPaperboys - One DayPaperboys - One DayPaperboys - One Day