The chad rager modern big band - in the

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At times, parts of the basin were below the sea. In the northeastern part of the Benue Trough where it enters the Chad Basin there are marine sediments from the Late Cretaceous (–66 Ma [a] ). These sediments seem to be considerably thicker towards the northeast. Boreholes under Maiduguri have found marine sediments 400 metres (1,300 ft) deep, lying over continental sediments 600 metres (2,000 ft) deep. [4] The sea seems to have retreated from the western part of the basin in the Turonian (– Ma). In the Maastrichtian (–66 Ma) the west was non-marine, but the southeast probably was still marine. No marine sediments have been found from the Paleocene (66–56 Ma). [4]

This song is one of four that appear on all three major radio stations, with the other three being " Heartaches by the Number ," " It's a Sin to Tell a Lie ," and " Johnny Guitar ".

The Chad Rager Modern Big Band - In The Club...LIVEThe Chad Rager Modern Big Band - In The Club...LIVEThe Chad Rager Modern Big Band - In The Club...LIVE